Chicken or Eagle?

Are you a chicken or an eagle?

A Chicken has to get up early every morning and work hard scratching the ground to get her meal, one or two seeds at a time, all day long to meet her needs. She has to compete in close quarters with the other chickens for the same feed, and lives in fear of the fox and wolf in the night. She never ventures outside of the compound in which she lives, and she never knows when she will become a meal for the barnyard owner.

An eagle sits atop her mountain nest and surveys the land before her in all directions. She already knows the daily habits of the rabbit and the snake…and the fox and wolf as well. When she is hungry, she spreads her wings and swoops down knowing the exact time and place her meal will be waiting for her, and upon catching it, it will satisfy her for several days. She does not fear the fox or the wolf or concern herself with competing eagles. Her domain is protected from her high perch and vigilance… and if there are no rabbits on a particular day… there are always the chickens…

I train chickens to become eagles… are you ready to soar?