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David Gazave, CEO
David Gazave, CEO


I am David Gazave, a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and founder and CEO of Gazave & Associates, Inc.   

With a 10 year history as a Project Management instructor and experience in business growth and profitability consulting, in addition to a 30 year career in engineering project management,  I established Gazave & Associates to be a portal of powerful business training and advice on how to accelerate business growth and profitability with best practice methods recognized worldwide.

My training style is to make even the driest of subject material exciting and fun through real world case studies and examples. Fro more about me see my LinkedIn profile.

Here we have assembled for you a one stop shop for you and your team members to get the training needed to increase the performance of your business in the least amount of time.

In addition to my own knowledge and experience I have formed a partnership with leading business content providers and instructor faculty in project management and other business training to deliver cost effective programs through both online and live classroom settings.

We provide both individual and corporate group training programs. Pick from our menu of training products for yourself or contact us to set up group onsite training. We provide live online project management training and live classroom project management training.

We service corporate training needs just about anywhere in the US and in selected countries worldwide.

Senior Training Instructor – Charlene Parlett

Senior Training Instructor Charlene Parlett
Senior Training Instructor Charlene Parlett

As an executive coach and certified trainer, Charlene guides business owners, executives and managers to become successful leaders. She helps driven people achieve balance in their lives and floundering people find their drive. She has a gift for breaking down the walls between knowledge and action and puts people on the path to success. An expert in conflict resolution and business practices and processes, Charlene is a powerful and professional coach. Her specialties include leadership/soft skills, confidence building, marketing, strategic planning, certification training (such as SCRUM and 6Sigma) and assisting organizations in developing and implementing best practices. She has also worked with coaching organizations to help them develop their own business coaching certification courses. Along with coaching clients, Charlene actively works with non-profit business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters International to help leaders improve their management and leadership skills.
Charlene began her professional career at the National Security Agency as an intelligence researcher. After moving to Savannah, Georgia she began working in the business arena where she delved into all aspects of customer service, sales, financial management and marketing. As marketing director of a multi-million dollar independent office supply and furniture company, she played a major role in doubling the company’s gross sales by being one of the primary writers on their successful bid for both a state-wide and a federal world-wide government contracts. In 2005, she and her business partner built their service business from dream to delivery, so she understands the challenges businesses faced in real terms. Charlene is passionate about constantly improving on what is great to make it even better and instills that passion in others.

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