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The one great constant in the universe is change, yet businesses often resist change because of a short term view of cost management. Your business is either growing or dying because of the ever changing environment.

Have you ever thought lately about how many businesses have disappeared in the last decade?  Many were great institutions. Others were perky startups. Great and small alike they disappeared in droves because they failed to adapt or anticipate changes in their market and financial environment.

How Our Consulting Services Help You

Survive and Thrive

Our Discovery Process

In our complementary discovery session, we will perform a thorough analysis of the “as-is” situation of the business, from clarity of purpose, to products and marketing,  to current systems, business processes, through team recruiting and management. We will identify your biggest obstacles to success and discuss what you see as your top priorities to move your business forward.

Building Your Plan

Using our FAST_R© approach we first start with the big picture… What is the company vision? When was it last updated? If the company has never created a vision  or a plan before, or has significant challenges with employee issues, our Leadership Training Day or a 2  Day Executive Team Retreat may be the best place for you (and your executive team if you have one) to start.

Then a thorough portfolio review – does the company’s products, services, and investments align with its vision? Does the portfolio have the right combined margin strategy?

Now let’s look at the company’s customers. Is the company’s products addressing the customers’ needs? Are the customers the company is attracting the ones that it wants and makes it profitable? Are the current marketing strategies doing a good job of capturing the lion’s share of the available market in the product space?

Our consulting services will help you redefine and recapture the most profitable segment of you target market.

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Management & Project Training for Business Growth

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