What the Heck is Stopping You?

Okay, No More Mr. NICE Guy!

It’s time for me to stop being N.I.C.E., or Nothing Inside me Cares Enough to tell you the truth. Maybe I need to get Vince Lombardi tough, or MLB Team Manager tough. Should I chew tobacco and spit? Was your high school sports coach nice to you? No, he or she yelled at you, drove you to push yourself and perform at your peak… Quit your whining, shake it off… Sound familiar?

Why am I on this rant?

Look at the headlines in my email signatures and website. Guaranteed results in 17 weeks or your coaching is free! Better yet, spend 12 months with me in a 1 on 1 coaching program and we will double your bottom line! I can say that with full conviction and no flinching because I have done it and do it all the time. My calendar should be full all the time! … My phone should be ringing off the hook! What? … Don’t you believe it? … No? …Get your best lawyer to write the contract, look at my testimonials, I’ll give you the names of business owners I have done this for.

You’ll think about it?

What is there to think about? In 17 weeks I guarantee I will find you enough new money in your business to pay for coaching and then some… And then if you stop coaching, at that point the fee becomes new revenue if you stick with the changes. In 12 months working with me your profits will be higher then you have ever had even after paying for coaching … do you really have to think about a 10 to 1 return? Heck, even statistically the industry return on investment is 7 to 1. The funny thing is, for most of my monthly beginning programs I don’t even charge what you are paying your secretary every month to polish her nails and shop on the internet while she is supposedly working for you. She may be saving you time doing the details and the filing, but I’ll MAKE YOU MONEY building your strategy and long term performance. You write her a check a couple of times a month. Why is coaching so hard for you to commit to?

Maybe you don’t believe in yourself?

Don’t worry, that’s my job. When I get done you will not only believe in yourself, but your team, and your business, and you will be on your way to achieving the life you never thought possible. Don’t think it will work for your business because it is “special”?… I haven’t seen a real business yet where the fundamentals of market demand, and financial performance don’t apply. If you think yours doesn’t, eventually gravity will catch up I assure you.

Maybe you think you are already too smart for coaching.

MBA? Six Sigma Black Belt? Great! Those have historically been my best clients, because they already understand the need for measurement and management. Check out how many top CEO’s have had and still have executive coaches. Do you know of ANY top sports professional who got there without a coach? Have you never walked out of a bathroom with your zipper open or toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Sometimes you need an outside view to find the kinks in your otherwise pristine ego before your competitors embarrass you. A coach doesn’t have to be an expert at what you do; he/she needs to be an expert at looking inside of you and bringing out your and your team’s brilliance.

Maybe you are just an “AskHole”

Maybe… as one of MY mentors, Darren Hardy says, “You’re just an AskHole”. You’re always asking for advice (preferably free), or looking for the next webinar that has THE answer, but you never actually implement anything you learn. There is always an excuse or reason why it wasn’t just right for your situation. Don’t worry, I’ll fix that too. No more excuses bud. We’re going to vision it, plan it, and execute it every week, and if you fall down I’ll pull you up and ask you to examine why, then you’re going to shake it off and get back to work on getting better.

Now what’s your excuse?

Are you just afraid? Afraid I’ll make you work harder? Heck, you’ll most likely be working less (but smarter) and I’ll make you take a real vacation once in a while (no cell phones, tablets, or laptops). Remember those?

Okay, no more excuses.

Just stop it! Pick up the phone or better yet, click the link to get on my calendar. Not tomorrow, not after lunch, not after your next meeting. Now!

And remember, I’m not going to be N.I.C.E.

Your 30 minute pre-consultation awaits here: